Our story

Our history stems from the poetic combination of skillful scissor work, excellent service, precise photography and long term friendship just ask our owners.

Heath Flint

Owner of Grindstone Barbers and Linear Hair Group

Angie Wakefield

Owner and Mother of Grindstone Hoppers Crossing

Neil Wakefield

Owner of Grindstone Hoppers Crossing and Indie Film Studios

After successfully creating the first ever barber shop and specialty coffee hybrid at the Pacific Werribee, the three partners decided to expand on their audacious idea and create a flagship store that would feature a fully functioning kitchen, coffee bar and barber shop in Hoppers Crossing.

the goal

''We want to provide our customers with wholesome family cooked cafe meals using unique and locally sourced ingredients. Our goal is to create a vibrant coffee culture by introducing our customers to some of Melbourne's finest coffee roasters through our exclusive coffee program. One of our biggest priorities is creating a safe place where people feel heard and welcome. There is no faking it here'' - Neil Wakefield

our team

Family is important to us and these are some of the gems we proudly call brothers & sisters away from home.

Trista Barista



Jazmyn Lurv